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SOE Hates Conjurors=(

November 27, 2007

Tank Pet Butt

A picture says a thousand words, and this screenshot pretty much sums up how SOE seems to feel about conjurors! Yes, folks that is indeed the rear end of the Earthern Avatar, the T8 tank pet. In the words of my four year old, “Mama! Your pet has a real live booty!” It seems that once again conjurors are the butt of all the mage jokes (pun intended). We seem to  be at the rear end of class list time after time, and each and every expansion we get the shaft…

Conjurors for some reason are the black sheep of the mage family, we are the red headed step child! The dev team seemingly hates us! Perhaps no one on the team has a conjuror, or at least one high enough level to matter. Give this guy some shorts! I think he would have looked better green as well, although I think someone has stolen all the cool colors from the artist’s crayon box, and left them with only brown, grey, black, and a sort of greyish green, but that is another blog entirely. This guy isn’t as bad as it could be, hey we could still be stuck with that dumb ass lizard! He also looks much better at master 1-

Earthern Avatar Master 1

 If the booty isn’t bad enough it gets worse! Take a look at our new scout pet-

Wind Sensei T8 Scout Pet

Oh, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that they didn’t change it at all, and you are mostly right, but look a bit closer. That’s right, he is different! He has a headband! He is now a monk! Woot! Scout ninja ftw! Oh wait, that’s right… Monks are not scouts! Oh and he looks exactly the same has he had for a very long time now… Someone left the imagination hats at home again:(

Wait… it gets better! Take a gander at the mage pet-


Oh wait… that’s our friend Ryan. Here’s the mage pet-

T8 Conjuror Mage Pet

Ok, so this guys isn’t so bad, and in fact he looks sort of cool, but he sure as hell isn’t a mage. He is a tank, and he is super loud, which at first I thought was really cute, but now it is annoying, and he keeps getting in everyone’s way during raids! He really needs to go.

Here are a few mobs already in game that could easily replace these since they don’t seem to want to make new pets for us-

Frost Maiden’s could easily be a tank or an air pet, but I think they would do better as a tank. I liked the purple monkey too, he was actually my favorite pet of all. How about a dragon type creature? He could easily tank too, or if you use the ghostly version he could be an air pet, or if you make him look like fire he could be a mage (not on fire, but made of fire). I do like the frost maidens and would be a good counterpart to the new necro tank pets.

Please stop hating on us conjurors! We promise not to use the wire hangers, and we don’t care if necros are your favorite as long as we get even a small amount of attention! Stop beating us like a red headed step child! When will our prince come?


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  1. Xavious permalink
    November 27, 2007 11:13 am

    *Hands Adele a box of Tissue*

    Best quote in game: What good are conjurors again? Oh ya they have that call thingy”


  2. November 27, 2007 11:52 am

    If you really got the shaft, we’d have a screen of the front of that pet instead of the rear… :)

  3. November 27, 2007 12:29 pm

    Haha! You crack me up! This is a family blog site:P I can’t show the front end=)

  4. Sslip permalink
    November 27, 2007 1:04 pm

    She doesn’t wanna show the front end cause she is too afraid to look at it

  5. Nakrah permalink
    November 27, 2007 3:57 pm

    Excuse me! I *am* a red-headed step child.

    I feel sterotyped!!


    No more ice dancing for j00!! </3

    JK <3!!

  6. November 27, 2007 4:23 pm

    Aww, but ice skating during raid is so much fun!

  7. Halandriel permalink
    November 27, 2007 5:58 pm

    I full-heartedly agree with you on the mage pet… he has to go. When at first I saw him I thought he -was- the tank pet… And then I saw the red glow and I cried out in anguish…

    The tank pet acctually looks pretty cool imo. But like always, the scout pet just looks plain…

  8. November 27, 2007 7:03 pm

    Yes, I kind of like the master 1 version of the tank pet, but still… as some one said on the official forums he does look like he would give you a nice hug.

    The scout pet… I can’t even talk about it… /cry Valkyrie’s from Everfrost would be so perfect, and a smaller size dragon made of fire would be great for the mage pet:) Hopefully someone who cares reads this, and will give it some thought:)

  9. Sinistraud permalink
    November 27, 2007 11:15 pm

    I totaly agree. the pets should be changed . the necro pets look more .. how to say , Pet like. the conj pet looks are a joke realy. And for raiding the mage pet is just way to big ;(

    Sinstraud 70 mage eq1
    Sinistraud 78 conj eq2

  10. Sslip permalink
    November 27, 2007 11:38 pm

    I say that make the conj pets all different carebears and end it there.

  11. Xavious permalink
    November 28, 2007 1:47 pm

    LOL, good idea Sslip! And not the super powerful cool carebears either but the carebear cousins!

    eh… nm

  12. November 30, 2007 10:32 am

    If that first picture made any of you horny, you have issues.

  13. December 3, 2007 3:19 pm

    Isn’t this something that happens in every game out there. Some jobs gets more ridiculed then others?


  14. Xavious permalink
    December 4, 2007 9:43 am

    “If that first picture made any of you horny, you have issues”

    ………. that didn’t even come to mind, but thanks for sharing, now put back that lotion bottle!


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