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No Cookies in Branson? Oh My!

April 7, 2010

We are getting ready to go on vacation to Branson, and I have heard that there are not very many nice hotels in Branson, so I have been looking at hotel reviews. I came across a review of the Best Western Music Capital Inn, and while it was the hotels only bad review it was pretty funny. It reads:

“Very dissapointed in everything. The pool was closed for some reason.
The room smelled when we first went in. They advertised a cookie social in the lobby and then failed to produce any cookies or milk. And this is advertised in every room with a large printed brocure. We went down to the lobby and then they kept telling everyone and ourselves that they would be done in 10 minutes so 30 minutes later they still did not have any and were trying to pawn off the old cookies to a few of the people. No Coffee in the lobby and PLEASE DON’T ASK the lady at the desk to help with anything. Heaven FOrbid!

I will never stay at a Best Western again in Branson again and I will make sure and tell as many people as I can about this terrible experience.

Also I will definetly find one of the hundreds of motels in Branson that has a Pool in working order. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I know she complains about a couple of things here, but she only touches on those lightly. She really fills us in on the cookies. This lady really wanted her cookies! I do have to give props to the hotel management responding to the seriousness of this cookie catastrophe, and explaining- 3 years later… Here is what they had to say:

“Although it is from 2003, I would like to take the opportunity to respond to this review, as it is our goal to have all customers leave the Best Western Music Capital Inn satisfied with their experience. First, regarding the pool, my apologies to the reviewer for any inconvenience we may have caused due to a closed pool area when he or she wanted to use that facility. The pool is open between the hours of 9AM and midnight so if a guest tried to enter the area earlier than 9 in the morning or after midnight, they would be unable to do so. Cleaning of the pool, the pool area, etc is completed early in the morning so the facility can then remain open during the day. Extenuating circumstances would be the only cause for the pool area to be closed within normal open hours and, if that were the case during this individual’s stay, I would hope he or she would have some understanding of the situation.

As for the cookie social, the Best Western Music Capital Inn does offer freshly baked cookies and milk to guests nightly. The cookies are baked each evening and made available to guests on a first come, first served basis. If the cookie supply is depleted, but more guests come to the lobby area interested in freshly baked cookies, our employees are happy to accommodate them. However, to deliver the promise of “fresh baked cookies,” at that point the guest would have to wait the 20-30 minutes it requires to bake the cookies. If one of our employees told this reviewer it would only be 10 minutes for the cookies to bake, my apologies to him or her for the misunderstanding.

Regarding a lack of coffee in the lobby area…I don’t know if that was the case in 2003, but I can vouch for the fact that the Best Western Music Capital Inn currently offers coffee 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Breakfast Area, which is immediately connected to the lobby.

The reviewer’s comment regarding an unpleasant front desk service agent displeases me greatly. We strive to offer friendly, fantastic service to every individual that enters our doors. If anything less than that was encountered by this particular guest, there is no excuse. I would extend an invitation to the writer: visit the Best Western Music Capital Inn again and allow our excellent staff to treat you to the best in Ozark Hospitality as you take another look at our hotel.”

I have decided that I will not stay at the Best Western. My 18-month-0ld son loves his cookies, and the Best Western is having unacceptable cookie issues! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Video Game Addiction

February 9, 2010

I have written two new articles this week over at You Know You’re addicted to an MMO When… and Top Five Facebook Games.


Sugar to the Rescue

December 2, 2009
Sugar the newf in bed

Sugar ready for bed

Sugar is so funny. Not only did she rush out the door this morning when I tried to take the kids to school, and squeeze her chubby self into the back seat of my Jetta (in the small space between two carseats), today she has spent her time running about rescuing crying children.

Yes, you would think she would have tried to sit up front with me, but she is insistant that she ride with the children. She belonged to an elderly couple, and while they didn’t have children, they had grandkids. I’m not sure how often they were around, but apparently she has an instant liking for little ones.

Tonight my husband was putting the baby (toddler, he is 14 months) to bed, and of course he was crying. The bedroom door was shut, and my daughter cracked it opened, and Sugar did not hesitate to push her way through that crack and hoist herself up onto the crib and see what this crying was about. She wanted to make sure the baby was OK. After she had checked things out, she promptly left the room.

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Sugar the Newfoundland

December 1, 2009


Sugar the Newfoundland

Sugar resting on the couch


We have been waiting for on the rescue list for a while, and River King finally had a match for us! Meet our new “baby” Sugar the Newfoundland!

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School, Life, and Aztecs

October 22, 2009

So life as been busy as usually. I got to play Aion for about 2 weeks after release, and only for a few days. I think I made it to level 14, and there my account sits. Perhaps one day when I’m old and retired I will get to return. As far as my blog, It think I will just post about what is going on in my life to keep it updated, and perhaps other interesting tidbits that I find, or maybe an interesting article or two.

So last night at dinner I suggested to my husband that we take CPR lessons, and should take my oldest daughter too. Of course my oldest daughter responded with, “Eww! That is stupid. I’m not putting my mouth on someone else’s! That is gross!” So never, ever hang out with her when you could be in a situation where you might need to be resuscitated. She did get a 1% in human services on her career test at school after all.

We have been studying lowland and highland Mesoamerica in archaeology, and so last night I had a horrible case of insomnia. It would be what I call Aztec insomnia because I couldn’t get the Aztec out of my mind. I spent all night writing an Aztec poem for creative writing in my head. I did get up and jot parts of the poem down, thinking that it would help, and my head felt empty when I returned to bed, but as soon as I laid back down, the poem returned. This could also be a side effect of my new medication as well. The images of crazed Aztec slinking across the floor with evil grins to tribal beats as my poem was being read didn’t quite help either…

My Daughter’s Barack Obama Song

October 14, 2009

My daughter created her own Barack Obama song, and yes, it does have only one line, but she sings it all the time, so we figured we should get it on video.

The Barack Obama Song

Keep It in the Bedroom – So Far No Sexting in Aion

July 31, 2009

I am happy to say, that so far in beta, and in my sad but small career at level 12 in Aion that I have yet to run across anyone sending me their unwanted sex tells in Aion, and I have not been offered any indiscreet services for phat lewt. Although I am a woman, and this is more likely to happen to a man, yet my husband has not found this issue as of yet either. You can read more on this issue of sex in video games in my article, Keep It in the Bedroom, over at


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